Holiday Shopping Tips

Post date: Dec 12, 2013 1:39:27 AM

James Brandon, an officer with the Novi Police Department has passed on the below message:

Just some quick tips to pass on for security since the holiday shopping season has started:

If you're going to go to multiple stores or to a restaurant while shopping, make sure your packages are out of sight in a trunk or tonneau cover. Thieves look in windows for things to take.

Same goes for cell phones, purses, brief cases and laptops. Lock them in a trunk out of sight if you have to leave them in a car. Thieves also check door handles. Don't stuff purses under the seat. Sometimes thieves are waiting and watching for someone to do that.

If shopping after dark, park in a well lit area around other people. Don't give a thief a chance to grab your bags and run.

For a few other tips, I've attached a couple of older press releases.